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a world at prayer for priests

1 January 2019
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In 2019, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (and the World Day of Prayer for Priests) falls on Friday, June 28.

Back in 2011, on the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Vatican Radio released a story about The Christopher Inn International, a developing lay initiative at the service of Catholic bishops and priests. It was an interview with founder and director Joan Johnson, in which she described the origin of the apostolate and some of the plans for its development.

Below is the audio of the Vatican Radio interview that was broadcast back in 2011.



Since that time, Christopher Inn International has hosted two pilot programs, both in the spring of 2012. They were extremely well received by the Irish priests who participated; click here to review some of their words of encouragement. Here is a documentary about the 2012 pilot programs:

Christopher Inn International has not yet acquired property in Ireland. The properties shown on the website ( are not owned by Christopher Inn, Inc., and are displayed only to demonstrate the kind of property that the organization plans to obtain. This apostolate is presently seeking to:

  • begin the process of acquiring property in Ireland
  • start an operational endowment
  • create a scholarship endowment

To learn more about Joan and the team of CI International, visit the About Us page.

CI Online

25 March 2015
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In order to foster the life and ministry of Catholic clergy, the team of The Christopher Inn International will offer an online resource for priests and bishops: CI Online. Please God, one day soon this resource will be up and running at the service of clergy everywhere.

Here is a broad overview of our plans for CI Online:

CI Online is envisioned as a web-based resource dedicated to assisting priests in continuing the “fiat” to God that is at the heart of their vocation. Catholic clergy worldwide will be able to use CI Online to communicate with each other, share knowledge and advice related to pastoral concerns, support one another in priestly ministry, and engage in ongoing personal formation.

CI Online will avoid entering into the fray of theological and ecclesiastical disputes because it is envisioned as a site which should lift the spirits of all priests. The site will endeavor to present the Church in its teachings, sacraments, and charity as that “pearl of great price” which is a great gift of God to the world. CI Online, while addressing the difficulties and challenges priests sometimes face, will seek to convey the honor and privilege all priests share in their role as “other Christs.”

CI Online has as its target audience Catholic bishops and priests, and access to the site will be limited to Catholic clergy. The website will take full advantage of technologies emerging within the Internet. Content will be well-organized and frequently updated.

CI Online takes its cue from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, which has released several letters over the past fifteen years on putting the Internet to use for the service of the Church and the new evangelization: Church and Internet and Ethics in Internet, to name only two. Pope Saint John Paul II also dedicated his 2002 message for World Communications Day to the following topic: Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel. Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have followed in his footsteps.

We believe that CI Online will help to extend the priest’s formation experience when he returns to his place of ministry, and that other priests who have not had the chance to visit The Christopher Inn International will nonetheless benefit via the resources provided online. The site will serve as a model of virtual community at the service of real community.

Vatican Radio interview with CI International –
September 2014

13 September 2014
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September 2014

Saint Peter's Basilica, Vatican CityOn Thursday, September 11, 2014, Vatican Radio released a new story about The Christopher Inn International. It includes an interview with founder and director Joan Johnson.

In an age in which the Church is discovering the full meaning of the co-responsibility of the laity, in continuity with the whole history of the Church and in consonance with the Church’s divine constitution, many lay faithful are asking: what can we do to help our shepherds? Seeing the great good that so many priests do, and appreciating the irreplaceable role of service that those in ordained ministry carry out, a small but dedicated group of lay faithful are seeking to provide a space in which priests and bishops can find the encouragement and sustenance they need – a place apart – and yet created with a view to helping priests in their vital service of shepherding the faithful: a place they are calling the Christopher Inn International.


To learn more about Joan and the team of CI International, visit the About Us page.

Wondering how you can help support the mission of CI International?
Visit our How to Help page.

Birth of a mission

21 June 2012
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On the feast of Corpus Christi, we released our third video:

The Christopher Inn International in Ireland has conducted its pilot programs, the first for Irish priests. Here is the foundress, Joan Johnson, and the presenter of the programs, Father Vincent Twomey, SVD, talking about the origins of The Christopher Inn International, the experience of the first two programs, and where the apostolate goes from here.